The agricultural
and horicultural hygienics

AMS develops, produces and sales first-rate maintenance products for the agriculture and horticulture sector. Short lines, directly from the producer to the end user with directed
products each taking hold of a specific maintenance problem in the agricultural sector, efficient and sustainable.

tekstballon-ENWe also have a unique operation method. Based on their own experience our sales representatives are acquainted with the agricultural and horticultural branch. They use that knowledge on advising our customers with a clear promise: sustainable result. For dozens of gardeners, horticulturists, bulb growers, agricultural workers and (tree) cultivators we are their regular contact point for all kind of hygienic issues. Furthermore, we are active in the potatoes, vegetables and fruit processing industry.

Make an appointment today and save as from to- morrow on your maintenance costs and cost of labour.
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All our maintenance products are:
blauwevink  Human, material and
environmental friendly
blauwevink Biodegradable
blauwevink User-friendly
blauwevink Safe for all vegetation
blauwevink Time and money savingn

We control
risks and keep
your company clean!
telefoon+31 10-4204838
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