The agricultural
and horicultural hygienics

Less wear and maintenance. The results of our revolutionary, ceramic dry lubrications are conclusive. Usage of a lubrication based on oil or grease endanger pollution and wear with all its consequences. Machinery become susceptibility to interference as oil or grease mingle with sharps which disorder the adjustments and consequently shut down the machinery causing damages, costs and unnecessary loss of turnover.

Our lubrications extend the machinery lifetime and decrease maintenance costs as they deeply penetrate and postpone dust and dirt. They form a protective coating so that moving parts stay clean and free of rust and layer. Moreover, by the use of ceramic there is no longer metal to metal contact.

AMS dry lubrications are suitable for the use in a damp or dusty environment. Without any obligation our sales specialist demonstrates you the advantages of our products in your organization. Make an appointment today.

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All our maintenance products are:
blauwevink  Human, material and
environmental friendly
blauwevink Biodegradable
blauwevink User-friendly
blauwevink Safe for all vegetation
blauwevink Time and money savingn

We control
risks and keep
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